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Creative Writing Exercises Middle School

This exercise should have students see the plot unfold for themselves. Split several pieces of paper into five parts with lines, and label each section to correspond with a part of a plot (exposition, rising action, climax,.

  • Here, we have a list of engaging activities to help your middle school students recognize figurative language. 1. Create a Figurative Language Unit Creating a unit on figurative language is not easy. So why re-create the wheel? I love this.

  • Give them a lot of writing prompts that they can choose from. Pass out paper and pencils. Set a timer for fifteen minutes. Then, write 3-4 writing prompts on the board. Encourage students to free-write and not worry about.

  • Rather than pass a piece of paper around in a circle, use two sheets – one for each team. Have participants run to the paper and write down one line of a story, then run back to their teammate and tag the next person in. Set a.


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